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About Us

SGB-Parts has been founded in 2019 and is the achievement of many years of research for quality Bass parts around the world that anyone could use to personalise their instruments without breaking the bank.

Baffled by the lack of choice in strings, straps, replacement parts and other items that make our instruments unique, SGB-Parts has since been looking for reliable Bass parts that you can order with confidence, knowing that they all have been selected  and readily available.

Our aim is to provide players and luthiers with the materials they need in order to make their dream instrument come true.

Founded by Sebastian, a passionate Bass and Guitar player and who has learnt on the cheapest basses up to playing boutique instruments, this has allowed for a deep understanding of the role each part plays in the conception and playing of an instrument.

We chose to specialise on Bass but are open to any suggestion and would happily guide you trough your musical projects, so please, do feel free to get in touch anytime and one of our team members will advise you on how to get and mount your parts hassle-free.

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